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1. Surveyors and their instructions2. condo surveys three. Foundations four. partitions five. flooring 6. Roofs and chimneys 7. Joinery and carpentry eight. Finishes and surfaces nine. prone 10. The document eleven. domestic file 12. experiences on non-residential constructions thirteen. stories on apartments and different dwellings in a number of profession 14. experiences on new structures 15. experiences on older constructions sixteen. stories on leasehold houses 17. stories for potential mortgages 18. a standard construction Survey file 19. criminal concerns 20. Dilapidations 21. Conservation and the surveyor 22. The surveyor as knowledgeable witness

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For example, the procedure for a conventional dwelling house might be: 1. A preliminary inspection of the whole property to establish the type and layout and to determine what ladders and other equipment may be needed. 2. An inspection of the accessible roof spaces. 3. A room-by-room inspection at each floor level starting with the topmost floor. 4. An inspection of accessible basements, cellars and sub-floor areas. 5. An examination of the roofs externally using binoculars and surveyors’ ladder.

Settlement of blockwork partitions resting on timber floors. Poor quality supporting platforms for water tanks and cylinders. Excessive bounce to floors due to over spanned joists. Leaning chimney stacks. Leaking service and heating pipework embedded in solid floors. Sub-standard extensions converted into habitable rooms. Inadequate covers and lagging to water tanks in lofts and on flat roofs. Rot to floors under leaking flush pipes and waste connections to water closets. Builders’ rubble and other debris left under floor boards blocking ventilation.

Surveyors normally tap the walls and ceilings to check what they are made of, and stamp on the floors for similar reasons. With experience you can distinguish between ceilings and stud walls surfaced in plasterboard and those surfaced in lath and plaster. Similarly, the difference between a suspended timber floor and a solid concrete floor is usually fairly obvious. However, there will be cases where the result of this type of stamping and tapping is inconclusive and if you cannot confirm what a ceiling, wall or floor is made of, then say so in the report and follow this up with any necessary additional advice.

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