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By John Stephen Hicks

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Almost each beginner astronomer who has taken the pursuit to its moment point aspires to a hard and fast, everlasting housing for his telescope, allowing its quick and cozy use heading off hours of setting-up time for every looking at consultation. A roll-off roof observatory is the best and via a long way the most well-liked observatory layout for today’s sensible astronomers.

Building a Roll-off Roof Observatory is exclusive, overlaying all elements of designing a roll-off roof observatory: making plans the location, viewing requisites, conforming to by-laws, and orientation of the constitution. The chapters define step by step building of a regular building.

The writer, either an novice astronomer panorama architect, is uniquely certified to jot down this fully-detailed ebook. A professionally designed roll-off observatory may perhaps rate up to $3000 only for the plans – that are supplied loose with construction a Roll-off Roof Observatory.

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The roof will have to be constructed of light-weight materials if it is a lift-off arrangement. Ideally, the telescope, mount and pier are fixed in place under the “hatch” and polar aligned. This can be accomplished with a suitable pier if there is room for it, or a tripod that rests upon small pedestals under each tripod leg. To assure that polar-alignment is maintained, the small pedestals must be impressed in some way to accept the legs in the same orientation each viewing session. Conversely, a telescope on a tripod could be hefted from the shed portion into the addition and polar-aligned each session, but this defeats the purpose of an “instant” viewing session afforded by a permanent, fixed situation.

Is costly. Difficulty to build Again, usually within the scope of a home handyman with the average inventory of tools. Only the track needs light welding by a contractor. Requires much extra skill in cutting and fitting of gore panels to create the Dome. Riveting and tapping is required for bolts, along with metalwork on arches and ribs. Being perfectly round, the walls and precise fit of dome on round track require close attention to tolerances. Maintenance Exterior track, and gantry need paint and Only the Dome requires paint, usually in 3 stain only.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. frame. A stone paver patio can be added underneath the gantry thereby disguising the whole observatory as a shed with patio attached. Are you willing to exert the effort to build an observatory? Does your observing program demand an all-sky view? Does your local building code exempt structures less than 100 ft2 in area from building permit requirements? (if so, it might be to your advantage to limit the observatory dimensions to 10 ft × 10 ft, although the building code may not exempt the extra square footage contributed by the gantry).

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