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For lots of centuries Buddhism and Brahmanism coexisted within the Indian subcontinent. This e-book concentrates at the manner within which the 2, after an preliminary interval of relative independence, faced one another, either in and round the royal courts and in society at huge. during this war of words, Buddhism was once robust in philosophical debate, yet couldn't compete with Brahmanism within the prone it will possibly supply to the centres of political energy, essentially ritual safety and useful suggestion. Buddhism developed in either components, supplying functional suggestion to put humans and rulers from early Mahayana onward, and formality security in its Tantric advancements. a few of these advancements got here too past due, although, and will now not hinder the disappearance of Buddhism from the subcontinent.

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Adopting a terminology is not the same as adopting an ideology, but it prepares the ground. Imperceptibly the discussion shifts from a total rejection of the fourfold division of society to questions as to which of the four is highest. 5). It appears that other brahmanical notions sneaked in in a similarly surreptitious manner. Remember that Brahmins did not try to convert anyone in the usual sense of the term. All they did was remind their interlocutors of some for them elementary facts. The hierarchical division of society was one of them, the role of Brahmins as the natural counsellors to kings another, the natural place of Sanskrit—the only true and correct language—in matters relating to the state a third.

Statesmen, soldiers, sailors, and missionaries, men of action, men of strong feelings have made world languages. ” He continues on the following page (p. 21): “Evidently, total conquest, military and even spiritual, is not always enough to effect a language change. [. ” What then, according to Ostler, made Sanskrit a world language? Still in the same introductory chapter, he makes the following observation (p. 21): “In that muscular quote, Firth had emphasised the religious dimension of power, and this is often important: perhaps, indeed, we should be talking not of language prestige but language charisma.

Community there: according to tradition, this group had come from Gujarat, on the north-western coast, in the fifth century bc. The advance of Aryan is continuing to this day in the northern regions of Assam and Nepal, where the official languages (Assamese, and Nepali or Gurkhali) are both Aryan, but have not yet become the vernaculars of large majorities of their populations. Not all the spread of Sanskrit was through full take-up of the language as a vernacular. Even when pre-existing languages, such as Telugu, Kannada and Tamil, held their own, they were usually permeated with terminology from Sanskrit.

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