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This e-book derives from a sequence of lectures given in 1888 by means of Monier Monier-Williams, who was once Professor of Sanskrit at Oxford for over 30 years and whose paintings broke new flooring within the Western figuring out of Buddhism and different South Asian religions. This titanic old survey of Buddhism starts off with an account of the Buddha and his earliest instructing, in addition to a quick description of the foundation and composition of the scriptures containing the Buddha's legislation (Dharma). Monier-Williams explains the early structure of the Buddha's order of priests (Sangha), and descriptions the philosophical doctrines of Buddhism including its code of morality and concept of perfection, culminating in Nirvana. He additionally describes formal and renowned rituals and practices, and sacred areas and gadgets. The ebook is an instance of Victorian Orientalist scholarship which continues to be of curiosity to historians of spiritual experiences, Orientalism, and the British Empire.

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Early constitution of the Buddha's Order of Monks (Sangha). After treating of these three preliminary topics, I shall -next describe the Law itself; that is, the philosophical doctrines of Buddhism, its code of morality and theory of perfection, terminating in Nirvana. Lastly, I shall attempt to trace out the confused outlines of theistic, mystical, and hierarchical Buddhism, as developed in Northern countries, adding an account of sacred objects and places, and contrasting the chief doctrines of Christianity.

Albemarle Street. B John Murray, 2 INTKODUCTOKY. The chief works under these five heads represent the principal periods of religious development through which the Hindu mind has passed. Thus, in the first place, the hymns of the Vedas and the ritualism of the Brahmanas represent physiolatry or the worship of the personified forces of nature—a form of religion which ultimately became saturated with sacrificial ideas and with ceremonialism and asceticism. Secondly, the Upanishads represent the pantheistic conceptions which terminated in philosophical Brahmanism.

Nor is it possible to classify the varying and often conflicting systems in these latter countries, under the one general title of Northern Buddhism. For indeed the changes which religious systems undergo, even in countries adjacent to each other, not unfrequently amount to an entire reversal of their whole character. We may illustrate these changes by the variations of words derived from one and the same root in neighbouring countries. ' A similar law appears to hold good in the case of religious ideas.

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