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By Jamalludin Bin Ab Rahman

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This publication serves as a realistic consultant to tools and records in scientific examine. It comprises step by step directions on utilizing SPSS software program for statistical research, in addition to proper examples to assist these readers who're new to analyze in overall healthiness and scientific fields. basic texts and diagrams are supplied to assist clarify the thoughts lined, and print monitors for the statistical steps and the SPSS outputs are supplied, including interpretations and examples of ways to document on findings. Brief guidance for ways and facts in clinical examine offers a helpful speedy reference consultant for healthcare scholars and practitioners engaging in study in overall healthiness comparable fields, written in an obtainable style.

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1, 44 2 Analysing Research Data Fig. 4 Understanding association there are usually many causes to one effect. Not everyone who smoke will get lung cancer and not every lung cancer patient is a smoker. Association is a spectrum, ranging from detectable difference between two variables at one end to causation of one variable to another at the other end. If we do a study to measure the prevalence of high blood pressure among men in a village and we detected higher prevalence of high blood pressure among smoker, we could say that there is a different in the prevalence of high blood pressure among smoker and non-smoker.

8 % but around that value. For example, if in the first sampling we get three reds (out of six marbles selected), the percentage is 50 %. 7 %). 8 % (the parameter), it is still quite close. 2 Analytical Statistics 43 Fig. 2 Sampling Fig. 3 How statistics estimates parameter become more precise if more sampling done. The variation of averages is known as standard error and it is the indication of sampling error. The more the sampling done, the smaller is the sampling error will be, and hence the more precise it represents the population.

1 How to describe a variable? A study among 150 adults to measure the prevalence of high blood pressure and to describe any factors that may be associated with it. The variables include age (in years), gender, average income per month (RM), smoking status, body mass index (BMI) (kg/m2), fasting blood glucose (mmol/L) and fasting total cholesterol (mmol/L). 1 High blood pressure better alternative. We should not use standard deviation as it is derived from mean. We could use minimum-maximum value, range or inter-quartile range.

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