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Commentaries,there were many at the Brahma Sutras,but both they're too brief and inadequate to be beneficial for a finished learn of the sutras,or are super tricky and abstruse to be utilised through males of standard understanding.This paintings of Swami Sivananda is of a distinct style in itself,unrivalled by means of any other.This remark is neither too brief to be useless,not too verbose to be unintelligible,but follows a cia media course,useful to at least one and all,mainly the non secular aspirants,who wish thought,not mere notice. Swamiji has acquired his personal inimitable approach of writing,which is a boon to the inquisitive scholar at the non secular path.All actual aspirants after fact should still own this book,for it's a guide-light that's in a position to guidance them around the sea of ignrance and doubt. a transparent and straightforward exposition by means of Swami Sivananda.Swamiji,explains the Brahma Sutras to all aspirants of fact dispelling all lack of know-how and doubts.In addition,he has given important details with a view to now not be discovered elsewhere.An complex advent and precis of the several Adhikaris precedes every one pada. .Each Sutra contasins a word-by-word and a operating translation.The textual content of the Brahma Sutras is integrated herein to let the readers to do Swadhyayana and get them through center for reasons of meditation.

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Otherwise we will have to hold a metre to be everything which is absurd. Therefore through Gayatri the meditation on Brahman is shown. The direction of the mind is declared in the text ‘Gayatri is all this’. The passage instructs that by means of the metre Gayatri the mind is to be directed on Brahman which is connected with that metre. g. “All this indeed is Brahman” Chh. Up. III-14-1 where Brahman is the chief topic. Devout meditation on Brahman through its modifications or effects is mentioned in other passages also; for instance, Ait.

The Srutis speak of different kinds of meditation on Brahman as specially connected with certain localities such as the sun, the eye, the heart. Therefore it is a settled conclusion that the word ‘light’ here denotes Brahman. e. html (42 of 149) [11/1/02 5:07:26 PM] Chapter I of the Brahma Sutras by Swami Sivananda, The Divine Life Society, Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India thus it is seen (in other passages also). Chhandas: the metre known as Gayatri; Abhidhanat: because of the description; Na: not; Iti: thus; Chet: if; Na: not; Tatha: thus, like that; Chet’orpana: application of the mind; Nigadat: because of the teaching; Tatha hi: like that; Darsanam: it is seen (in other texts).

In all Upanishads; Prasiddha: the well-known; Upadesat: because of the teaching. ” A man in his present life is the outcome of his previous thoughts and desires. He becomes that in after-life what he now resolves to be. Therefore he should meditate on Brahman who is ideally perfect, who functions through his very life-energy and who is all-light. ” Chh. Up. III-14. , is the individual soul or the Supreme Brahman. The Purvapakshin or the opponent says: the passage refers to the individual soul only.

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