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This 108-page record describes intimately the killings, sexual attacks, and different abuses at an competition rally in a stadium in Conakry, the capital, dedicated principally by way of individuals of Guinea's elite Presidential protect, and the facts suggesting that the assaults should have been deliberate prematurely. The file additional info how the army government's safety forces engaged in an geared up cover-up, removal rankings of our bodies from either the stadium and clinic morgues and burying them in mass graves.

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31 Human Rights Watch | December 2009 A 29-year-old hairdresser told Human Rights Watch how she was repeatedly beaten and trampled as she tried to escape from the stadium through the main entrance, and ultimately suffered severe burns when she fell on top of a tear gas canister and lost consciousness: We ran down the stands toward the fence separating the field from the stands. There were lots of people pushing up against the fence and I was crushed down by the crowd, and then had two people fall down dead on top of me from being shot.

Other witnesses described soldiers going through the clothing and belongings of people who had been killed during the violence. These acts were usually accompanied by physical abuse. A 47-year-old factory worker recalled to Human Rights Watch how, after managing to escape from the stadium compound, he was robbed of all his belongings by a policeman: A policeman stopped me and asked me to empty my pockets, and took my phone and wallet. 72 A 38-year-old storeowner told Human Rights Watch how he was knocked down and had his money and phone stolen: At the exit near the university, I found a lot of gendarmes and red berets there.

That was the firing of the tear gas from outside the stadium. Then, within minutes, the red berets entered. They were everywhere. The youth were on the field. When the soldiers entered, they opened fire right away on that crowd. Everyone went into panic, people were running everywhere—I saw people jump from the top of the covered stands. 44 A 65-year-old man described what he saw: I clearly saw them spraying back and forth, back and forth, and people falling in their path. They fired as they moved down the field.

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