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M o J . B i o J . 1 4 , 5 7 2 - 5 8 1 . , a n d M a t s u s h i m a , H . ( 1 9 7 5 ) . C r y s t a l l i n e i n c l u s i o n s in s p o r u l a t i n g B a c i J J u s s u b t i J i s c e l l s . In " S p o r e s V I " ( P . G e r h a r d t , R. N. C o s t i l o w , a n d H. L . S a d o f f , e d s . ) , p p . 5 8 0 - 5 8 5 . A m . S o c . M i c r o b i o l . , W a s h i n g t o n , D. C. 26 H . R . W h i t e l e y et al. K l i e r , Α . , F a r g e t t e , F . , R i b i e r , J . , a n d R a p o p o r t , G.

Cell swelling caused by δ-endotoxin was inhibited by ATP, AMP, cAMP, NAD, GTP, and CTP. The time course of inhibition by cAMP in the NaCl isotonic solution was determined (Figs. 14a and lien cells (%) Τ 100 None 1mM cyclic AMP 1mM cyclic GMP 3mM ATP 1mM GTP 1mM 5 - A M P ImM 5-GMP 1mM 2X3')-AMP ImM 2'(3')-GMP 1mM adenosine 1mM guanosine 1mM App(NH)p 1mM Gpp(NH)p 1mM NAD -L Fig. 1 2 . Effects of n u c l e o t i d e d e r i v a t i v e s o n cell s w e l l i n g c a u s e d by δ - e n d o t o x i n .

E . , K r o n s t a d , J . W . , a n d W o n g , H. C. ( 1 9 8 4 ) . S t r u c t u r a l a n d r e g u l a t o r y a n a l y s i s of a c l o n e d B a c i J J u s t h u r i n g i e n s i s c r y s t a l p r o t e i n g e n e , in " G e ­ n e t i c s a n d B i o t e c h n o l o g y of B a c i l l i " ( A . T . G a n e s a n a n d J . A . H o c h , e d s . ) , p p . 3 7 5 386. A c a d e m i c Press, Orlando, Florida. W i l c o x , D. R . , S h i v a k u m a r , A . , M e l i n , Β . E . , M i l l e r , M .

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