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The nervous system, as mentioned earlier, is a control system of processes that adjust both internal and external operations. As humans, we have experiences that change our perceptions of events in our environment. The same is true for higher animals, which, besides having an internal environment the status of which is of major importance, also share an external environment of utmost richness and variety. Objects and conditions that have direct contact with the surface of an animal directly affect the future of the animal.

For instance, blood sampling at frequent intervals has shown that ACTH is secreted episodically, each secretory burst being followed 5 to 10 min later by cortisol secretion. These episodes are most frequent in the early morning, with plasma cortisol concentrations highest around 7 to 8 AM and lowest around midnight. ACTH and cortisol secretion vary inversely, and the parallel circadian rhythm is probably due to a cyclic change in the sensitivity of the hypothalamic feedback center to circulating cortisol.

The receptor potential, then, is the change in intracellular potential relative to the resting potential. It is important to notice here that the term receptor is used in physiology to refer not only to sensory receptors but also, in a different sense, to proteins that bind neurotransmitters, hormones, and other substances with great affinity and specificity as a first step in starting up physiologic responses. This receptor is often associated with nonneural cells that surround it and form a sense organ.

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