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Like its predecessors, this version stresses intuitive figuring out of ideas instead of studying by means of mathematical evidence. offers extensive insurance of statistical techniques utilized in the entire overall healthiness technological know-how disciplines. This model incorporates a larger emphasis on computing device purposes, and many of the statistical suggestions contain the MINITAB instructions during which they are often utilized.

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The following example illustrates the construction of a stem-and-leaf display. 1 to construct a stem-and-leaf display. Solution: Since the measurements are all two-digit numbers, we will have onedigit stems and one-digit leaves. For example, the measurement 18 has a stem of 1 and a leaf of 8. 5 shows the stem-and-leaf display for the data. The MINITAB statistical software package may be used to construct stemand-leaf displays. 1, the stem-andleaf display constructed by MINITAB. 1 (stem unit = 10, leaf unit = 1).

We also readily note that about three-fourths of the subjects are under 40 years of age. Computer Analysis If additional computations and organization of a data set have to be done by hand, the work may be facilitated by working from an ordered array. If the data are to be analyzed by a computer, it may be undesirable to prepare an ordered array, unless one is needed for reference purposes or for some other use. A computer does not need to first construct an ordered array before constructing frequency distributions and performing other analyses of the data.

A cumulative relative frequency distribution. e. A histogram. f. A frequency polygon. 5 The following table shows the number of hours 45 hospital patients slept following the administration of a certain anesthetic. 7 12 4 8 3 10 11 5 13 1 12 3 5 1 17 4 8 8 7 10 From these data construct: a. A frequency distribution. c. A histogram. 8 1 7 17 4 7 1 7 3 7 3 13 3 4 7 8 10 2 5 11 5 4 3 5 8 b. A relative frequency distribution. d. A frequency polygon. 6 The following are the number of babies born during a year in 60 community hospitals.

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