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By Seong H Kim, Jungbae Kim, Ping Wang

ISBN-10: 0841221294

ISBN-13: 9780841221291

ISBN-10: 0841274150

ISBN-13: 9780841274150

content material: normal synthesis of ordered nonsiliceous mesoporous fabrics / Ying Wan, Haifeng Yang, and Dongyuan Zhao --
Proteins in mesoporous silicates / Sarah P. Hudson ... [et al.] --
Enzyme stabilization related to molecular evolution and immobilization in mesoporous fabrics / Haruo Takahashi and Chie Miyazaki-Imamura --
Microperoxidase-11 immobilized in a steel natural framework / Kenneth J. Balkus, Jr., Thomas J. Pisklak, and Rita Huang --
Protein-carbon nanotube conjugates / Sandeep S. Karajanagi ... [et al.] --
Layer-by-layer meeting of enzymes on carbon nanotubes / Jun Wang, Guodong Liu, and Yuehe Lin --
Sustainable biocatalytic nanofibers: synthesis, characterization, and functions of enzyme-coated polymeric nanofibers / Seong H. Kim ... [et al.] --
Reactivity and characterization of bioengineered steel oxide nanoparticles / Hazel-Ann Hosein ... [et al.] --
Surfactant aggregates as matrix nanocontainers for proteins (enzymes) entrapment and law / Natalia L. Klyachko and Andrey V. Levashov --
Biomimetic silica encapsulation of nanoparticles and enzymes / Melanie M. Tomczak, Morley O. Stone, and Rajesh R. Naik --
A biomimetic method for enzyme immobilization inside polycation-templated silica / C. Chang ... [et al.] --
Nanoporous sol-gel helps enzymatic hydrolysis of chlorophyll in natural media / Yunyu Yi, Selim Kermasha, and Ronald Neufeld --
Enzyme encapsulation utilizing nanoparticle-assembled tablets / Vinit S. Murthy and Michael S. Wong --
hugely delicate and magnetically switchable biosensors utilizing ordered mesoporous carbons / Dohoon Lee ... [et al.] --
Continuous-flow purposes of silica-encapsulated enzymes / Heather R. Luckarift and Jim C. Spain --
Enzyme-nanofiber composites for biocatalysis purposes / Byoung Chan Kim ... [et al.] --
Biomimetic synthesis of an lively H₂ catalyst utilizing the ferritin protein cage structure / Zachary Varpness ... [et al.] --
Carbon nanotube composite electrodes for biofuel cells / Hongfei Jia ... [et al.] --
In situ characterization strategies for layout and overview of micro-and-nano-enzyme-catalyzed strength resources / Michael J. Cooney and Bor Yann Liaw --
Soybean oil biofuel mobile: using lipoxgenase immobilized by way of changed nafion to catalyze the oxidation of fatty acids for biofuel cells / Jeanne L. Kerr and Shelley D. Minteer --
floor patterning and functionalization for biomolecular motor nanotechnology / WenLiang He, Thorsten Fischer, and Henry Hess --
Bionanotransporters / Evgeny Katz.

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