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By Wim Soetaert; Erick J Vandamme

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''Biofuels covers the use and conversion applied sciences of biomass as a renewable source to provide bioenergy in a sustainable method, more often than not within the kind of liquid and gaseous biofuels. It offers a vast evaluation of biofuel advancements from either a technical and a cost-effective perspective. the various creation applied sciences for biofuels that exist or are lower than improvement are broadly lined intensive, facing both Read more...

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Farm income expansion is possible only if crops can be grown and harvested without large amounts of fertilizer and other costly inputs. Soil quality enhancement, runoff reduction, greenhouse gas amelioration and other environmental benefits can be achieved with careful attention to production practices. Energy security gains depend on efficient collection, transport and processing of feedstocks. Each of these considerations will vary from region to region, even from farm to farm. Sustainable production practices must be tailored to each operation.

4 Switchgrass is a native perennial once found throughout the US Midwest and Great Plains. Research is underway to develop switchgrass as a dedicated energy crop. Source: USDA Agricultural Research Service. leaves less than 30 % of the surface covered, and there is no excess residue available to remove. Since less than 20 % of farmers no-till and more than 60 % conventional till, a major shift in practice is needed for sustainable removal. Sustainable delivery of cellulosic biomass feedstocks requires production and collection practices that do not substantially deplete the soil, such that large quantities of biomass may be harvested over sustained periods without sacrificing future yields.

The Iowa Farm Bureau and other regional growers associations have organized farmers to collectively sell their credits on the CCX market. In European markets, where mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions exist, carbon credit prices have ranged between $10 and $30 per metric ton CO2 , suggesting that if mandatory greenhouse gas emissions limits are established in the United States, benefits to farmers of no-till adoption could exceed $10 per acre, further driving the transition to no-till.

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