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This publication asks the massive questions that actually make you consider your self and your home on the earth. what's the mystery of happiness' Can desktops think' what's truth anyway' Stretching your mind and firing your mind's eye, the intense, dynamic spreads will set your brain racing off alongside diverse tangents and into new nation-states of discovery. From own questions about options and desires to the broader questions of existence, the universe, and every little thing, it is a trip like no other.

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The goal of the producers of VR software is to make their stuff so convincing that you are ready to believe that it is real. ” Philip K. Dick (1928–1982), science-fiction author 35 WHAT IS IMAGINATION? Part of the way we think is to form images or ideas in our minds of things and situations that are not physically present or happening, based on knowledge that we have stored in our memory. Some people are better than others at creative imagination—that is, changing or manipulating their mental images to create new ideas.

These languages can be expressed using the international phonetic alphabet. A language that is neither spoken nor written is sign language. This series of silent facial and hand gestures is used to communicate words to deaf people. ANIMAL EXPRESSION Though animals may not have a true written and spoken language like we use, it is impossible to deny that they have a form of language. It is clear that animals use noises and gestures to express themselves. People could not claim to understand what it means when a lion roars or a dog barks, but these noises may have meaning within the same species, whether it is to warn of a threat, express hunger, or simply exercise the voice box.

Many animal species teach their young what they learned in order to help them survive. Your cat, for example, may have picked up mouse-hunting tips from her mother. Researchers have shown that animals can learn skills from one another just like humans. But humans are much more complicated than animals. A mix of your culture, values, and biology made you what you are today. 49 50 WHAT IS LANGUAGE? Without language, you wouldn’t be reading this page. You couldn’t talk to friends, write a letter, or understand a sign.

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