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By Naeim Giladi, Madison Grant

ISBN-10: 1893302407

ISBN-13: 9781893302402

Painful truths concerning the Zionist rape of Palestine and planned planting of anti-Semitism in Iraqi Jewish groups in the course of David Ben-Gurion's political profession to cajole Iraqi Jews to immigrate to Israel. The Zionists' aim used to be to import uncooked Jewish hard work from the center East to farm the newly-vacated lands and fill the army ranks with conscripts, to safeguard the stolen lands.

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255, 268. This hope did indeed materialize, but the small proportion which survived did so entirely no thanks to the institutions and the Yishuv in that in the critical years they rendered direct assistance to the propaganda and deception machinery of Goebbels. " Unfortunately, I found no confirmation of that statement. The truth is that for more than three years-through November 1942-Davar as well as other newspapers campaigned vehemently and systematically against "exaggerations" about the killing of Jews which reached Palestine from various sources.

As for Ben-Gurion's acts of commission and Holocaust, it will suffice to read this letter attentively: omission on the To: The Prime Minister of Israel, Jerusalem Dear Mr. Prime Minister: The undersigned S. Beit-Zvi, lives in Tel Aviv and teaches for a living. Years ago I wrote in newspapers under the name "B. " In recent years I was active in Maoz, an association to aid Soviet Jews. My public pursuit led — 41 — Naeim GILADI : Ben-Gurion's Scandals me to study extensively the rescue effort by Jews and in particular by the Zionist movement during the Holocaust in Europe (the years 1939-1945).

2. The weekly Maariv supplement, 5 August 1988. 3. Zentrales Staat Archiv Potsdam Film No. 57981103. 4. Documents from the Gestapo Archives. 5. The Seventh Million, Tom Segev, Hadashot, 27 September 1991. 6. Das Schwarze Korp, 24 November, 1938. 7. The Seventh Million, Tom Segev, p. 63. 8. The Seventh Million, Tom Segev, "Seven Days," Yediot Aharanot, Tom Segev, "Hadashot," 27 September, 1991. 9. Maariv, 13 October 1989, p. 2, op-ed page. We Did Not Know Hear ... We Did Not Hear... S. units conducted a pogrom of Polish Jews culminating in many massacres.

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