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By A. Mansson McGinty

ISBN-10: 0230616682

ISBN-13: 9780230616684

ISBN-10: 0312376219

ISBN-13: 9780312376215

While Islam has develop into a debatable subject within the West, increasingly more Westerners locate robust that means in Islam. changing into Muslim is an ethnographic learn in line with in-depth interviews with Swedish and American girls who've switched over to Islam.

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Anna: There are so many different factors, it is hard to explain. Zarah: Yes, it surely is. Anna: It is probably hard to explain what you were thinking then. Zarah: I surely would need to scrutinize myself and go through and try to find . . that would be interesting. It would be interesting to see how thoughts and attitudes have changed. Anna: You started to read more. Zarah: Yes, but I cannot say either that those were the words that . . I have met people who have told me that “it was when I heard somebody say that at a seminar” and that was the part of the puzzle.

With narrative I mean here story or talk. Rather than approaching the narratives of the women as all set, completed “texts,” I distinguish their transitional character reflecting an ongoing meaning-making in the particular encounter of the interview. Narratives as Transitional Phenomena As an anthropologist studying cognitive/emotional and cultural aspects of identity and conversion, making analysis and assumptions The Conversion Narrative 35 based on interviews, I have to rely on what people say.

Ayre is still Malin. Besides stressing the changes and new possibilities, it is of uttermost importance to stress that one is still the “same person,” a consistency between Malin before the conversion and Ayre thereafter. The Conversion Narrative 45 “Inner” and “Outer” We experience flashes, textures, smells, pressures, and ghosts of emotion that cannot be languaged . . Our own internal experience, if we permit ourselves to notice this, is a self without armor—perhaps without boundaries as definite as we would like—walking around in a world of others who appear to have proper boundaries and effective armor.

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