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"Be Sober and moderate" offers with the theological and scientific critique of enthusiasm within the 17th and early eighteenth centuries, and with the connection among enthusiasm and the recent common philosophy in that interval. Enthusiasm at the moment used to be a label ascribed to numerous contributors and teams who claimed to have direct divine concept prophets, millenarists, alchemists, but in addition experimental philosophers, or even philosophers like Descartes. The booklet makes an attempt to mix the views of highbrow heritage, Church historical past, background of medication, and background of technology, in analysing a few of the reactions to enthusiasm. The critical thesis of the publication is that the response to enthusiasm, in particular within the Protestant international, could provide one very important key to the origins of the Enlightenment, and to the approaches of secularization of ecu consciousness."

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The regular calls of the Father in our own hearts concerned the offering of prayers, protection against temptation, comfort in tribulation, the preservation of the light of faith, and the zeal for charity. 72 Maresius admitted the affinity between the two types of operation of the Holy Spirit, the light of prophecy and the light of faith. 73 In a way similar to that of Erasmus and other sixteenth century commentators, Maresius interpreted "prophesying" also in vol. V, p. 266, quoting this sentence.

Moreover, enthusiasm meant that the care of holy matters would be committed to the "rude multitude". It thus involved an appeal to the lower classes. The association which a Reformed professor of theology like Spanheim makes between enthusiasm on the one hand, and the "rude multitude" and individualism, on the other, is of course highly significant. The defence of the ecclesiastical order was closely linked, it was indeed identical, with the defence of the social and political order. Enthusiasm, which was tantamount to individual "inventions", was perceived as a serious threat to that order.

A few years later he elaborated on this text still further, in his lectures on 37 366. 38 WA, Briefwechsel, vol. 2, Nr. 449, 450, pp. 423, 424-425, LW, vol. 48, pp. 364, WA, vol. 15, p. 213, LW, vol. 40, p. 52; WA, vol. 15, pp. 683-688. "Sed dicis: per quid cognoscam spiritus dei a malignis? Dick: dabo tibi signum certum: 'qui confitetur Christum in carnem' etc. oportet ut oculos aperiamus. " WA, vol. 15, p. 684. 39 24 CHAPTER ONE the epistle of St. 40 The "Schwärmer" ignored these mediating factors at their peril.

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