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By Dennis Waite

ISBN-10: 1846946247

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Publish yr note: First released in 2007

Advaita is a religious philsophy in response to the Upanishads, older than so much different non secular structures we all know approximately but additionally the main logical in its process. This e-book offers a scientific therapy of Advaita which demystifies it, differentiating among techniques & lecturers, so that you can come to a decision which procedure is most fitted for you.

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So, by changing your mind you change everything. If only we could understand this point, we would see that there is nothing wrong outside; it is all in the mind. By correcting our vision we correct things outside. If we can cure our jaundiced eye, nothing will look yellow. But without correcting the jaundice, however much we scrub the outside things, we are not going to make them white or blue or green; they will always be yellow. (Ref. 11) Attachment It is not the world but attachment to it which is the root of all misery.

They arise and we witness them. Later, if the memory of an earlier thought arises (as a new thought) we claim that we originated it and say “I thought that…” but this is simply not true. The mind is always passive in this respect; it is only in subsequent processing of a thought that it becomes active. David Carse expresses it thus: Everything, including the body/mind organism you call yourself, does not exist as something separate in itself, but 42 only as an apparent functioning in Consciousness.

In fact, the Sanskrit word kosha is even more evocative since one of its meanings is a “treasury” where something of great value is stored. The model is called the pa~ncha kosha prakriyA – the method of 53 the five sheaths and it is explained in detail in the Taittiriya Upanishad. This is how I described it in my earlier book, “The Book of One”: The first of these layers – the grossest and the one with which we first tend to identify - is the body. This is referred to as the sheath made of food, annamayakosha.

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