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By Shirley A. Bayer, Joseph Altman

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This can be the second one quantity of a five-volume set of atlases at the constructing human valuable fearful procedure. without different atlases on hand at the improvement of the human spinal twine and the mind in the course of the 3rd trimester, the 1st volumes within the sequence fill a wide void in present wisdom. effortless to take advantage of, the second one quantity comprises low and high magnification images of mind sections prepared in elements: a excessive answer black and white snapshot at the left and a ...ghost... picture at the correct web page with unabbreviated labels. This quantity offers a undemanding survey of the advanced structural alterations that happen in the course of past due prenatal human mind improvement.

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For detail, see Plate 28. See Plate 28 33 PLATE 28 PARIETAL CORTEX I I Latest arriving cells II II III III IV IV V V VI VI White matter VII VII 34 PLATE 29 See Plate 30 GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm Y217-65 Near Level 21: Section 1751 STRIATE/PERISTRIATE CORTICAL TRANSITION AREA Band of Gennari 35 PLATE 30 STRIATE CORTEX Latest arriving cells Band of Gennari PERISTRIATE CORTEX I II I III II IVa III IVb IV IVc V Dense cell accumulations V VI VI VII VII White matter 36 PLATE 31A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm Y217-65 Level 5: Section 611 See the entire section in Plate 5.

SEPTUM Septal glioepithelium/ ependyma Subcallosal area Nucleus accumbens Inferior frontal gyrus Putamen Globus pallidus Dorsal tenia tecta White matter Ventral striatum Anterior commissure I n s u la r g y r u s Accumbent neuroepithelium and subventricular zone (intermingled with the source of the rostral migratory stream) Medial septal nucleus Lateral septal nucleus Layer I Cortical plate E xt e str rnal capsule um Fornical glioepithelium Lateral ventricle au BASAL GANGLIA Cave of the septum Columns of fornix Anteromedial striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Cell bridges between the caudate and putamen y) Cl Callosal sling Anterolateral striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone (bod ca Ca ps uda ule te n (an ucl ter eus ior (h e lim ad) b) Corpus callosum Frontal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Lateral fissure Cingulate gyrus Induseum griseum In ter na l Frontal stratified transitional field Frontal lobe Uncinate fasciculus Endopiriform nucleus pjwstk|402064|1435432833 Superior temporal gyrus Olfactory sulcus Gyrus Rostral rectus migratory stream Orbital gyri Olfactory peduncles Temporal pole 38 PLATE 32A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm, Y217-65 Level 6: Section 691 See the entire section in Plate 6.

Basal nucleus of Meynert Third ventricle Zona incerta Fornix AMYGDALA Lateral hypothalamic Optic area tract Ventromedial nucleus Arcuate nucleus us u c le Intercalated cell groups dorsal Basal nucleus Lateral nucleus n al ventral ex c or t Parahippocampal gyrus Central nucleus Medial nucleus Cortical nucleus Accessory basal nucleus orhi Amygdalohippocampal area Uncinate fasciculus SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA Ent Amygdaloid glioepithelium/ ependyma Glioepithelium (optic tract) Ansa lenticularis ior re ter ssu An mi m co Lateral migratory stream (extends to amygdala) ule Globus pallidus (internal segment) Internal capsule/ cerebral peduncle junction Dorsomedial nucleus Medial forebrain bundle Mammillothalamic tract Reuniens nucleus Massa intermedia Hypothalamic glioepithelium/ependyma aps m HYPOTHALAMUS Lateral migratory stream (extends to temporal cortex) u la cula r n .

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