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By Chatia Orlandi, Saverio Sani

ISBN-10: 8841892455

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Questo testo sacro, il cui titolo in sanscrito vuol dire Veda delle formule magiche, è l. a. ‘bibbia’ dell’antica religione indiana. Si tratta precisamente della quarta raccolta di inni dei Veda dedicata alle formule magiche ed esorcistiche recitate dai bramini durante l’esecuzione dei riti domestici. Utet oggi l. a. propone in edizione digitale critica, completa del testo originale consultabile ipertestualmente.

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17 Laksfi manfi a proposes nothing short of a military coup, in the course of which he intends to slaughter any and all who might support the claim of Bharata. In brief, Laksfi manfi a argues here for a higher order of dharma as well as for the realpolitik of the warrior ethos (ksfiatradharma) in stark opposition to the imperatives of filial deference and adherence to truth that have governed Ra¯ma’s acquiescence in his dispossession. The situation becomes more complex, however, when, before Ra¯ma can respond to Laksfi manfi a, his mother Kausalya¯ thrusts herself into the debate.

34 In the meanwhile, Kausalya¯, having failed in her efforts to prevent her son from leaving the city, attempts another line of argument. She proposes that if he will not stay with her, she will go with him, accompanying him into exile. This argument enables Ra¯ma to steer the debate away from the issue of generational deference to patriarchal authority to that of the gendered deference of a wife to her husband. Ra¯ma rejects Kausalya¯’s plea to be permitted to accompany him on grounds that are interesting in the light of his extensive debate with Sı¯ta¯ on this very subject, to which the present one serves as a preamble.

For the epic has grown with the culture it has served, adding and changing episodes and passages, incorporating and preserving ideologies and, above all, serving as the foundation for a massive cultural edifice of commentary, interpretation, refiguration, and performance that is one of the most characteristic features and indeed one of the wonders of Indian civilization. If, with regard to social norms, the Maha¯bha¯rata is an epic of violation, of irreducible conflicts between cultural imperatives and the subversion of them, and a brooding meditation on rupture and decay, the Ra¯ma¯yanfi a stands in sharp contrast to it as a paean to conformity, obedience, and as a handbook of social integration.

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