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«Astrophysics Updates» is meant to serve the knowledge wishes astronomers and postgraduate scholars approximately components of astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology which are wealthy and lively examine spheres. Observational tools and the most recent result of astronomical examine are offered in addition to their theoretical foundations and interrelations. The contributed commissioned articles are written through prime exponents in a structure that may entice specialist astronomers and astrophysicists who're attracted to themes open air their very own particular components of analysis. This selection of well timed reports can also allure the curiosity of complex novice astronomers looking scientifically rigorous assurance.

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In addition, the launch of NASA’s Chandra observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton satellite have provided new, high resolution X-ray spectroscopic capabilities. In this section I will provide a brief, selective overview of some of the recent observational results which have direct implications for our understanding of neutron star structure. In subsequent sections I will discuss in more detail the specific constraints on neutron star properties made possible by these new phenomena. 1 Fast X-ray timing observations Observations of accreting neutron star binary systems with RXTE have found a number of millisecond timing signatures which have important implications for neutron star structure.

E. Strohmayer of important pieces of fundamental physics; such as the equation of state (EOS) of dense matter, extensive libraries of nuclear and neutrino reaction cross sections, etc. are essential to the story, not to mention the influence of macroscopic processess such as convection, rotation and magnetic fields (see, for example, Fryer & Warren 2004; Prakash et al. 2001). Although the details of exactly how neutron stars form are still uncertain, we are certain that they do form. The theoretical existence of collapsed neutron stars, and their possible association with supernovae, was first discussed in the late ’30s by Zwicky and Baade (Baade & Zwicky 1934; Zwicky 1938).

2003, The spectra of T dwarfs. II Red optical spectra, Astrophys. M. 1999, Chemical equilibrium abundances in brown dwarf and extrasolar giant planet atmospheres, Astrophys. , & Saumon, D. , Mannings, A. Boss, S. , (Univ. Arizona Press: Tucson), p. , & Sharp, C. 2000, The near-infrared and optical spectra of methane dwarfs and brown dwarfs, Astrophys. , Liebert, J. 2001, The theory of brown dwarfs and extrasolar giant planets, Rev. Mod. A. 2002a, New CrH opacities for the study of L and brown dwarf atmospheres, Astrophys.

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