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11. Mayes unofficial prefixes Factor Name Symbol Factor Name Symbol 10−33 10−30 10−27 weto vindo tiso w v t 1027 1030 1033 1036 1039 1042 1045 1048 nava sansa besa vela astra cata quinsa ultra N or nv S or sa B or be V or ve A or at C or ca Q or qu U or ut Whilst being a worthy attempt to produce at least one prefix derived from a language originating from each of the six continents there is no obvious connection between the prefix and the multiplying factor it is meant to represent. ) assigned to the numbers.

5. 6. 7. 8. Derived cgs units with special names (BIPM, 2006). The mathematical symbol ∧ is used for ‘corresponds to’ Name Symbol Value in SI units erg dyne poise stokes gauss oersted maxwell stilb phot gal erg dyn P St G Oe Mx sb ph Gal 10−7 J 10−5 N 10−1 Pa . s 10−4 m2 . s−1 ∧ 10−4 T ∧ (1000/4π) A . m−1 ∧ 10−8 Wb 10−4 cd . m−2 104 lx 10−2 m . 9. 7 × 1010 Bq 10−26 W . m−2 . Hz−1 10−15 m 101 325 Pa 10−6 m atm μ in progress due to a lack of suitable theories), up to ∼1041 kg for the mass of the Milky Way galaxy.

Arcsec−2 isophote.

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