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By Richard Handy; et al

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ISBN-13: 9780387686967

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The flashlight will also tend to shift position if you do not keep the clipboard still and level. Another option, if the flashlight has a lanyard, is to hang it from a convenient structure such as your telescope’s eyepiece. 5) You can also try rubber banding it to the head or arm of a camera tripod and aiming where you need it. 6) One solution that I found particularly useful was to purchase a spring clamp, a hose clamp, and a gooseneck lamp with a clip. I removed the lamp head and wiring from the gooseneck lamp.

Pay close attention for irregular shapes and placements. Sometimes you may see a displaced umbra along the limb, which is a prime example of an irregular shape. 2) Step 4 Once the foundation is rendered accurately, add the smaller spots.

5) Step 5 Fill in the deepest black shadows with the black “Writer” marker, making sure you stay within the confines of your outline to avoid exaggerating the length or shape of the shadows. 6) Step 6 Start with the lightest tone of gray (#2) and fill in the outline, duplicating the dot density in square #2 of the code sequence. Go on to fi ll in the next darker gray tone (#3), again by matching the dot density of the #3 square. Continue doing this until all of the gray tones from #2 to #9 are fi lled in with their correct values from the code sequence chart.

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