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1 Wood Structural Panels Structural panel sheathing used to resist out of plane loads (load perpendicular to the panels) can generally be used to also develop diaphragm action by proper detailing of fasteners, boundary members, and attachment to interior support members and blocking. The design of wood structural panel diaphragms is described in ASD/LRFD Wind & Seismic—Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic [29]. Heavy timber and glued laminated timber decking may be covered with wood structural panel sheathing to develop diaphragm action.

Larger span-to-depth ratios may result in excessive member stresses and deflections; smaller ratios may be less economical. 2 Truss Members Truss members are designated in three types: top chord, bottom chord, and webs. Webs include all interior vertical or diagonal members between the top and bottom chords. Joints, at which members intersect and connect, are called panel points. Chords and webs in all truss types may be constructed as single-leaf, double-leaf, or multi-leaf members. Truss members may be sawn lumber or glued laminated timber.

Untreated wood should not be installed in direct contact with masonry or concrete. Girder and joist openings in masonry and concrete walls should be large enough to assure that there will be an air space around the sides and ends of these wood members. Where timber members are below the outside soil level, moisture proofing of the outer face of the walls is essential. Enclosed spaces such as attics and crawl spaces must be adequately ventilated. Moisture from soil floors in crawl spaces can be inhibited from moving into the crawl space by covering the soil with a vapor barrier.

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