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Quantity II is a part of a 3 quantity set. quantity 1 covers themes from 1-7. This quantity covers: eight. Distillation; nine. Packed Towers.

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T 2a After calculatingX, and solvingforY using Equation 8-58, then solve for the theoretical trays, S, at the actual selected reflux ratio (L/D) from the equation for Y. The equation appears to representseveral reliable data references. ~ ~ ~ (8- 6OA) (8- 60B) Mapstone [122]and Zankers [123]developed the chart shown in Figure &24B to follow Figure 824A to allow for '3 8 \ (3) \ \ \ \ TIE LINE NO. 2 TIE LINE NO, I \ / I 32 Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants a quick evaluation of Gilliland’s equation for theoretical plates at any reflux and minimum theoretical plates and minimum reflux ratio.

5 (1958), p. 216, Gulf Pub. Co. 9 By assuming values of xl, the corresponding y1 may be calculated. 4 9 Using the vapor pressure data for benzene and toluene [59]: 1. Construct a boiling point diagram at a total pressure of 760 mm Hg, Figure 8-18. 2. From the boiling point diagram construct the equilibrium x-y curve for a total pressure of 760 mm Hg, Figure 8-19. 9 Mol FRACTION BENZENE IN LIQUID, xB Figure 8-19. X-y diagram for benzene in benzene-toluene mixture at 760 mm Hg total pressure, Example 8-5.

This graphical representation is easier to use for nonideal systems than the calculation method. , below this ratio the specified separation cannot be made even with infinite plates. This minimum reflux ratio can be determined graphically from Figure 8-23, as the line with smallest slope from XD intersecting the equilibrium line at the same point as the “q” line for mixture following Raoult’s Law. L/V = internal reflux ratio For non-ideal mixtures the minimum L/V may be as indicated in Figure 8-15,and hence not fEed as indicated above.

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