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Neither the meliorist political tradition of the nascent American republic nor its later go with the flow towards apocalyptically tinged 'fundamentalist' Protestantism and dispensationalism could be defined open air the context of the shared Anglo-American traditions and practices of millennial expectation and apocalyptic angst--whether expressed through early colonists, Milton, Blake, Miller or the Continental Congress. during this chronologically direct and thematically different quantity, 5 students operating in 3 distinctive disciplines (Religion, English literature, and historical past) technique millennialism and apocalypticism within the British and Anglo-American contexts, making impressive contributions either to the research of non secular, literary and political tradition within the English-speaking ecumene, and, at the least implicitly, to the critique of disciplinary exclusivity. basically in such combined corporation does the examine of the millennial nexus in English and American faith, tradition, literature and politics, from the time of Milton to the time of the Millerites, come into concentration.

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See “Embodying Glory: The Apocalyptic Strain in Milton’s Of Reformation,” Politics, Poetics, and Hermeneutics in Milton’s Prose, eds. David Loewenstein and James Grantham Turner (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990), 19. , 19. 63 “‘Something like Prophetic strain’: Apocalyptic Configurations in Milton” 226.        31 he voices a sense of eschatological pressure. 752). 785). If we take the “Tiller” as a kind of apocalyptic Christ, as Thomas Corns suggests,64 then what does Milton believe this Christ will do at the end of time?

Yet the postmillennialist (nonmillenarian) interpretation persisted even after Elizabeth’s accession. Bishop Jewel warned his flock that Christ would come “out of the blue . . ”30 Christ would not bring a paradise to earth, but rather the inhabitants of the earth would be snatched up to the sky. Early-Elizabethan apocalypticism in fact poses a fairly unique problem: it imagines a rich association between divine prophecy and English activity in history, but appears unable to conceive of Christ’s return as anything other than the annihilation of the English future, of any earthly future whatsoever.

55 Yet many of them already did believe 54 A New-Year’s Gift (London, 1650); rprt. in The Works of Gerrard Winstanley, ed. George H. Sabine (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1941), 385–86. 55 Robert Parker, An Exposition of the Pouring out of the Fourth Vial, ed. Thomas Gataker (London, 1650), 15. 28   that the time had come, or was about to, convinced that their political efforts in the present prepared for a worldly paradise in the future. Of course, they also believed they were acting out the role God had given them, but it was a role that put the fate of the world in their hands.

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