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The computer system is really a system of systems: hardware systems, firmware systems, software systems (codified human Real Performance Improvement ◾ 3 thought), internal interfaces, and interfaces to other systems. The m ­ odern organization is also a system of systems: people (social) systems, technology systems, and process systems, with internal interfaces between people, technology, and processes, and interfaces to other organizations. 2 shows a modern organization as a system of these three subsystems.

The purpose of defining such a table for your business is simply to build a reasonably comprehensive list of the areas in which improvement would probably have a positive effect on the business problem or risk, and to achieve consensus support for that list from relevant stakeholders. 16 ◾ Return On Process Change occurs every day all around us…our customers change, politics change, regulatory and compliance requirements change, our workforce changes, technologies change, and business processes change.

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