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By Walter C. Alvarez

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The Mechanics of the Digestive Tract, Fourth version: An advent to Gastro-Enterology presents info pertinent to the mechanics of the digestive tract. This booklet studies a number of the factors for the downward growth of intestinal waves.

Organized into 34 chapters, this version starts off with an summary of the most forms of task within the small bowel. this article then explains the character of the polarity and the positioning of the mechanism that produces it. different chapters contemplate the duodenal tonus contraction during which the wave turns out to originate normally looks a number of seconds earlier than a gastric wave reaches the pylorus. This e-book discusses in addition the polarity of the bowel that prompted each contraction ring to unfold caudad as quickly it shaped. the ultimate bankruptcy presents a listing of books which are more likely to be necessary to readers who're beginning on their lifework within the fields of gastro-enterology and gastro-intestinal physiology.

This e-book is a useful source for college students, academics, physicians, and examine staff.

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A second when they start, and they accelerate as they go down the bowel. The slow tonus rhythm usually has the segmenting rhythm super­ imposed on it, but at times the large waves can be recorded in simple form. The mechanism which produces the reverse waves appears to be · somewhat different from that which produces the normal rush waves. There is a periodic variation in the activity of the digestive tract. It is possible that in some cases the pain of ulcer comes at certain times, not because the acidity is high or the stomach empty but because the digestive tract has entered one of its periods of increased activity and sensitiveness.

Best (quoted by Perger) found, as did Borchardt, that physio­ logic saline solution would run through the whole length of the MOTOR FUNCTIONS OF THE SMALL BOWEL 21 empty bowel in a few minutes, and that acidification of the solution would greatly slow its passage or even keep the material from reaching the ileocecal sphincter. Perger made similar observations. c. c. ran out after from four to seven minutes. c. ran out after twenty-four minutes. Duodenal injections of acid buttermilk sometimes did not reach the terminal ileum ; at other times a little ran out after sixty minutes.

Quig- MOTOR FUNCTIONS OF THE SMALL BOWEL 23 ley and Highstone could see little increase in rate after the intravenous . injection of hypertonic solutions of sodium chloride or dextrose. CYCLIC ACTIVITY OF THE D IGESTIVE TRACT. There is a tendency on the part of the digestive tract to go through cycles of quiet and activity. These cycles have been observed in animals and commented on by a number of physiologists. That such cycles of activity occur also in man is certain. Many persons, and particularly patients with diarrhea, know that there are certain times of the day when calls to defecation are particularly likely to come, and some patients with a tendency to flatulence, heartburn, or belching can almost set the clock by the time of appear­ ance of their distress.

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