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By Guruji Naushir

ISBN-10: 9383952369

ISBN-13: 9789383952366

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, this means that immortal. Amrit - the booklet on your hand is a piece of deep love and knowledge from the immortal sage Mahavtar Babaji as communicated to Guruji Naushir. it's a consultant for useful spirituality jam-packed with incisive insights and spiced with love and humour. It touches all features of existence and enumerates on sizzling to be on this planet, yet no longer OF this international; making our trip on this planet balanced, stress-free and elevating.

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Also see if you can easily disassociate with such an individual or a group of people. This is the easy half and if you have not done it so far, it’s mostly laziness or some minor social insecurity. Just go ahead and get it done with. Don’t let small fears come in the way. Now let us see those relationships, which are sealed by birth, legal fiction, contract or compulsion. Many of these we simply cannot dismantle like Lego toys and stash away in the wardrobe. Some of these relationships are very difficult, complicated and sometimes impossible to sever without causing yourself even greater anguish than you are presently suffering.

Remain smart even if you are sensitive to the feelings of others. There will be times when something has to be said and you will have to convey it. Question: Your above clarification in such simple and clear words makes me understand how we should behave with our near and dear ones. I will bear in mind that people behave in a certain way due to his/ her conditioning, and we should not condemn their behavior. There are, however, times when we have to be critical to make our children understand certain issues, to teach them discipline or value things in life, and due to our strong words/behavior they feel hurt.

To this I can only say TASMAY SHREE GURUVEH NAMAH Dr. Seema July 12, 2014 1 PUTTING YOUR LIFE IN ORDER Just as we periodically look at our homes and assess whether it needs cleaning, similarly we need to do the same to our lives. The way to go about this is, to introspect, ‘Am I reasonably happy in my life? ’ If the honest and objective answer is YES, then you are fortunate and blessed, and I can suggest ways to make things better. But if the answer is NO or you fall somewhere in- between, and you find that there are too many days when you were steeped in pain, frustration, want, misery, mental/emotional fatigue, agitation, hopelessness; or you are simply living each day listlessly without anything to look forward to, then you better wake up and put your life in order.

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