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American representatives to the talks argued that Britain’s special treaty relationships with the Gulf rulers were outmoded and needed to be reformulated in light of the political and economic changes wrought by the discovery of oil in the region. ”76 Further, the Americans had no intention of playing second fiddle politically to the British in the Middle East, and would actively avoid being manipulated into propping up Britain’s privileged position there. 77 British strategists joined their American counterparts in planning the defense of the Persian Gulf and Middle East from Soviet attack.

Their motives were strategic as well as humanitarian. 72 British officials worked to enlist American resources in their efforts to shore up Britain’s position as the dominant Western power in the Middle East. S. involvement in the Persian Gulf region presented British policymakers with a difficult political predicament during the early Cold War period. While they resented and tried to discourage American economic and political penetration in the region, officials in London recognized that American military and material aid had become indispensable to Gulf and Arabian security.

Although British Foreign Office officials had written eloquently and at length about the wisdom of conciliating and co-opting Middle Eastern nationalism, the Attlee government remained intransigent in its determination to thwart Mussadiq’s nationalization efforts. Encouraged vociferously by AIOC’s chairman, William M. 95 Why did the Attlee government ignore the thoughtful advice of its career diplomats on the subject of Middle Eastern nationalism and pursue a policy that could further radicalize the Iranians and provoke Soviet action in the Persian Gulf ?

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American Ascendance and British Retreat in the Persian Gulf Region by W. Taylor Fain (auth.)

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