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Henry Giroux's most recent paintings is a compelling selection of new and vintage essays. Key themes comparable to schooling and democracy, terrorism and safety, and media and early life tradition are critiqued in Giroux's signature variety. it is a attention-grabbing assortment for Giroux fanatics and educators alike.

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Evangelicals are waging battles in the schools in order to incorporate “Creationism” and biblical readings of the world alongside scientifically-backed theories of evolution. But Bush’s much exalted religious fundamentalism does more than promote a disdain for science and critical thought while reinforcing retrograde forms of homophobia and patriarchy; it also inspires an aggressive militarism, wrapped up in the language of a holy war. Agence France-Presse reported that a group of evangelical marines prepared to “battle barbarians” before their assault on Fallujah in Iraq by listening to heavy metal–flavored lyrics in praise of Christ while a “female voice cried out on the loudspeakers ‘You are the sovereign, Your name is holy.

What needs to be recognized is that under the auspices of a diverse group of extremists, including political, religious, and market fundamentalists, political and educational culture is being transformed by the discourses of privatization, consumerism, and marketbased choice, the spectacle of celebrity, and the revived ethics of social Darwinism. Abstracted from the ideal of public commitment, the new authoritarianism represents a political and economic practice and form of militarism that loosen the connections among substantive democracy, critical agency, and critical education.

53 As a politics of fear undermines any feasible attempt to reclaim democratic values conducive to producing and legitimating shared civic responsibilities, the ideology of war and the militarization of public life both legitimate the rise of the militaryindustrial-prison-educational-entertainment complex and put into play forms of masculinity in which aggression, violence, and a hyped-up bravado set the tone for what it means to be a “real” man in America. Within this climate of degraded masculinity, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger does not appear troubled using the term “girlie men” to disparage his allegedly liberal counterparts in California who called attention to the consequences of Bush’s economic doctrine.

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