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By Martin W. Ball

During this brief, yet provocative, e-book, entheogenic researcher, Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., maintains his ongoing elucidation of the Entheological Paradigm, nonduality, and the function of entheogens in own awakening and transformation. half I covers nonduality, the character of the ego, and the full of life adventure of entheogens, taking a detailed examine what nonduality either is and is not. half II comprises decisions from Martin's new novel, past Azara, that depict the 5-MeO-DMT adventure with "Slipping into Infinity" and a glance at how fact works as a unified full of life process with "The tale of the One." half III gains "God's instruction manual for working Human Vehicles," a significant but tongue-in-cheek advisor for dwelling authentically as an immediate embodiment of the single common awareness. The undertaking wraps up with a few verse urging "Sleepwalkers, Awaken!" For a person attracted to nonduality, the unitary nature of truth, and the robust function of entheogens in human know-how, this can be a needs to learn.

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It is the direct experience of the infinite, beyond all limits and without boundaries. It is timeless, eternal, and universal. Energetically, the body becomes highly energized and individuals generally fall back with arms and legs open, fully exposing the body in a posture of universal embrace. Bodies also tend to gyrate along the axis of the central column of energy along the torso, with waves of ecstatic energy radiating out from the heart and moving up and down the spine with arms and legs moving in fluid, symmetrical gestures.

These divisions in energy make reality possible and allow it “hold together” as an ongoing and consequential system. Reality, the physical universe, is therefore fundamentally “real,” or, at least, as real as anything gets. It is not just some illusion (as many mystical traditions claim). Energy is always real. ” It is the very definition of reality. Reality is energy. There is nothing in reality that is not a form of energy. It is what is. This also indicates that there is not some divide between “pure energy” and the “physical” as a dualistic separation, for the physical is the energetic.

These patterns are also influenced by culture, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, and other transpersonal social ego collectives. At the earliest ages, egos are formed largely around perceptions and experiences of body awareness. As children encounter their world physically, they learn to distinguish between their bodies and that which their bodies encounter. A hot stove hurts the body. A chunk of chocolate gives pleasure to the body. Children also learn by observing the actions, behaviors, and reactions of others.

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