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By Jarita Holbrook, R. Thebe Medupe, Johnson O. Urama

ISBN-10: 1402066384

ISBN-13: 9781402066382

This can be the 1st scholarly number of articles all for the cultural astronomy of the African continent. It weaves jointly astronomy, anthropology, and Africa and it contains African myths and legends in regards to the sky, alignments to celestial our bodies chanced on at archaeological websites and at areas of worship, rock paintings with celestial imagery, and clinical considering printed in neighborhood astronomy traditions together with ethnomathematics and the construction of calendars.

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Geographical Background of Africa 33 Drainage We can distinguish three broad types of drainage areas in Africa namely: Exoreic, Areic and Endoreic drainage areas. Exoreic drainage involve areas where rivers drain directly to the ocean. Of these areas which drain to the ocean, a large portion consist of broad low shallow basins with flows between 1000 and 3000 meters above mean sea level and these basins are drained by a single outlet. These outlets are narrowly confined where they break through the rifts of the basins and these outlets are the great Rivers of Africa, namely: The Nile (white and blue), the Niger with its tributary – Benue, the Congo river or Zaire river, the Zambezi and the Orange.

Sripati (AD 1039) was the first who successfully versified the formula, and after him the formula apparently became common knowledge among Indian astronomers (Yano 1986): 50 J. M. Malville s = h[sin(dec1 ) − sin(dec2 )]/ sin(co-latitude) where s is the distance of the tip of the shadow from the east-west line, h is the hypotenuse of the shadow, and dec1 and dec2 are the respective declinations of the sun at the time in the morning and afternoon when the shadows touch the circle. Even on the days of equinox, the effects of the movement of the sun in declination are quite slight.

In cultural astronomy one could use the ranking method to know the levels of esteem and recognition of the various cosmic forces. You could use it to know the degree of respect and reverence attached to various celestial bodies including the levels of high-ranking categories assigned to them. Documentary Records Documentary records are quite relevant in cultural astronomy studies. Documentary records are used to search for written materials on a research focus. It involves looking at the archives, public records, official government records and personal documented records.

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