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By Tim D. Spector, Harold Snieder, Alex J. MacGregor

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Dual and relatives info have commonly been used to quantify the genetic and environmental contribution to ailment. during the software of latest analytical techniques, those designs may also supply robust types during which the hunt for particular genes underlying non-Mendelian illnesses should be optimised. This publication discusses the cutting-edge in dual and sib-pairs research of complicated illnesses either from the point of view of epidemiology (study layout, topic choice, sampling options) and biostatistics (path research, survival research, linkage research, organization studies). Novel methods are mentioned during which twins and sib-pairs can be utilized to fulfill the problem of deciding upon the positioning and serve as of genes underlying complicated qualities. This ebook will attract a variety of biomedical scientists attracted to the genetic foundation of illness, epidemiologists, molecular biologists, human geneticists and scholars.

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Ten of the 15 pairs had identical HLA haplotypes, which was highly significant. However this study used parental information to determine haplotypes and is not therefore a true affected sib pair study in the modern sense. Nevertheless these were the first studies to use Page 7 the advantage of the affected sib pair approach which avoided the problems of case definition in unaffected relatives and also allowed the analysis to be performed independent of the underlying genetic model. 2) In summary, from an overview of the published literature it appears that the sib pair design owes its origins primarily to the work of Penrose in 1935 and the classical twin pair design to Merriman and Siemens in 1924.

Practical approaches to account for bias and confounding in twin data Alex J. MacGregor 35 5. The co-twin control study David L. Duffy 53 6. Generalisability and assumptions of twin studies Kirsten Ohm Kyvik 67 7. Fetal programming or genes? W. Phillips 79 8. Twin and sib-pair studies in developing countries Xiping Xu, Changzhong Chen, Tianhua Niu, Binyan Wang, John Rogus, Nicholas J. Schork, Anyun Wang 91 9. Comparison of analysis of variance and likelihood models of twin data analysis Joe C. Christian, Christopher J.

Though each study is unique, there are many advantages in using diagnostic and operational criteria that are widely accepted and in research use. Similarly, standardised questionnaires and established laboratory procedures should always be given preference over local variants. To a large extent the procedures in twin studies for sample selection and outcome definition are the same as those used in other epidemiological research. Certain issues specific to twin studies are reviewed and illustrated in this chapter.

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