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By Georg Gübitz, Alexander Bauer, Guenther Bochmann, Andreas Gronauer, Stefan Weiss

Michael Lebuhn, Stefan Weiß, Bernhard Munk, Georg M. Guebitz

Microbiology and Molecular Biology instruments for Biogas technique research, prognosis and Control

Veronika Dollhofer, Sabine Marie Podmirseg, Tony Martin Callaghan, Gareth Wyn Griffith & Katerina Fliegerová

Anaerobic Fungi and their power for Biogas Production

Bianca Fröschle, Monika Heiermann, Michael Lebuhn, Ute Messelhäusser, Matthias Plöchl

Hygiene and Sanitation in Biogas Plants

Charles-David Dubé and Serge R. Guiot

Direct Interspecies Electron move in Anaerobic Digestion: A Review

Simon K.-M. R. Rittmann

A severe review of Microbiological Biogas to Biomethane Upgrading Systems

Manfred Lübken, Pascal Kosse, Konrad Koch, Tito Gehring, Marc Wichern

Influent Fractionation for Modeling non-stop Anaerobic Digestion Processes

Fermoso, F. G, van Hullebusch, E. D, Guibaud, G, Collins, G,  Svensson, B. H, Carliell-Marquet, C, Vink, J.P.M,  Esposito, G,  Frunzo, L

Fate of hint Metals in Anaerobic Digestion

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J Bacteriol 176:6107–6119 87. Birch A, Leiser A, Robinson JA (1993) Cloning, sequencing, expression of the gene encoding methylmalonyl-coenzyme A mutase from Streptomyces cinnamonensis. J Bacteriol 175:3511–3519 88. Vrilbloed JW, Zerbe-Burkhardt K, Ratnatilleke A, Grubelnik-Leiser A, Robinson JA (1999) Insertional inactivation of methylmalonyl coenzyme A (CoA) mutase and isobutyrylCoA mutase genes in Streptomyces cinnamonensis: influence on polyketide antibiotic biosynthesis. J Bacteriol 181:5600–5605 89.

One drawback often encountered with industrial production strains is a high barrier to genetic manipulation, which is not understood. Finally, genomics tools can also be used to obtain a comprehensive readout on cellular states in fermentation conditions. This allows the process engineer to correlate good and bad effects on production levels to molecular pathways in the cell, providing a more rational and direct approach to optimizing fermentation parameters. Some detailed examples of how genomic technologies can be used for process and strain improvement have been described [95].

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