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By François Roddier

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Adaptive optics is a strong new procedure used to sharpen telescope pictures blurred by means of the Earth's surroundings. This authoritative publication is the 1st devoted to using adaptive optics in astronomy. in general built for defence purposes, the means of adaptive optics has just recently been brought in astronomy. Already it has allowed ground-based telescopes to provide photos with sharpness rivalling these from the Hubble house Telescope. The procedure is predicted to revolutionise the way forward for ground-based optical astronomy. Written by way of a global group of specialists who've pioneered the improvement of the sector, this well timed quantity presents either a rigorous creation to the approach and a complete overview of present and destiny structures. it's set to turn into the normal reference for graduate scholars, researchers and optical engineers in astronomy and different components of technological know-how the place adaptive optics is discovering intriguing new purposes.

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