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Successful humans do not sit down round looking forward to every thing to be "100%" correct or to be "absolutely definite" they'll prevail. they do not desire absolute insurance, simply because they discover existence does not offer any. To get what they need out of existence, they set particular pursuits and prepare a proper plan to accomplish these targets, one step at a time. winning humans recognize that the price of failure is unassuming in comparison to that of inactiveness. Failure capability they're smarter the subsequent time. inactivity skill there isn't any subsequent time-there's just a life of remorse. In The Pledge: Your grasp Plan for an ample Life, writer Michael Masterson unearths the way to develop into successful-and not only financially, yet in each quarter of existence. The book

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Using a master plan says you are serious about improving yourself, and that you want that improvement to be radical: from C to A. You will not be satisfied with B. A personal master plan is a formal contract between the person you are today (fed up with the problems and lack of success you’ve been having) and the person you have decided to be (the successful you who is healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise). The personal master plan will help you reinvent your life, because it will force you to transform nebulous ambitions into specific objectives.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data: Masterson, Michael. The pledge : your master plan for an abundant life / by Michael Masterson. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 978-0-470-92240-8 (hardback); 978-0-470-94927-6 (ebk); 978-0-470-94926-9 (ebk) 1. Success. 2. Self-actualization (Psychology) 3. Success in business. 4. Finance, Personal. I. Title. 1—dc22 2010034714 To Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie, who helped me learn the art and science of prioritization, planning, organization, and getting things done.

But couldn’t get started on any of them unless he was “absolutely, 100 percent sure” that he would be successful. He recognized that he was disabled by a fear of failing. But knowing you have an emotional problem doesn’t mean you can solve it. ” he wanted to know. This is a book for people like John. People who want to improve their lives, but—for whatever reason—find they have been unable to do so. HOW GOOD IS YOUR LIFE? TAKE THIS TEST AND FIND OUT One of my favorite maxims is this: The quality of your working life can be determined by answering three very simple questions:1.

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