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The particulars of the examination should be entered by the doctor in a Health Register. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that the maximum permissible levels given in chapter 1 are not exceeded. Should a designated worker receive a dose of radiation greater than the permitted level he should be suspended from work. Provided he has not exceeded his permitted life dose as calculated using the formula given in chapter 1, he may restart work at the beginning of the next calendar quarter.

This dose in rads can then be converted to rems by using the appropriate quality factor. The film is worn in a specially designed holder, which contains a number of strips of plastic and metal, called filters, so that beta-, gamma- and x-radiation doses can be measured. The dose from very low energy neutrons, called thermal neutrons, can also be measured. In the United Kingdom a ftlm badge service is provided by the Radiological Protection Service. Dose equivalents are measured for {3rays, of energy > 0·25 MeV, for gamma- and x-rays between 20 keV and 2 MeV, and for slow neutrons or for mixtures of these radiations.

1 Illustrating the decrease in the activity of a source with the halflife of the source. After one half-life, the initial activity of 1 curie has decreased to ! Ci. After two half-lives the activity is i Ci and so on 33 34 A GUIDE TO RADIATION PROTECTION early studies of radioactive materials showed that the activity of these materials decreases at different rates depending on the radioactive nuclides forming the material. For some materials the activity decreases very rapidly but for others the activity decreases very slowly.

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