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By Richard Ward

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It is a bankruptcy from A worldwide background of Execution and the legal Corpse edited by means of Richard Ward. This bankruptcy is on the market open entry less than a CC via license.


Capital punishment is an historic common — it's been practiced sooner or later within the background of almost all recognized societies and areas. that's not to claim, in spite of the fact that, that it truly is an ancient consistent — the use, shape, functionality and which means of execution has assorted vastly throughout various old contexts. this is often likewise precise for a huge — even supposing quite missed — element of capital punishment: the destiny of the legal physique after execution. This bankruptcy is an advent to the quantity.

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Through a detailed study of the practice, purpose and longevity of crime-scene hangings in England in the long eighteenth century, Poole challenges the traditional narrative of change and suggests that we need to think about these apparent ‘anachronisms’ in a very different way. In the first instance, change was long-drawn out and uneven, illustrated by the protracted and patchy retreat from crime-scene executions. And far from being the final, dying groans of older penal theories and hardened attitudes to the sight of suffering which were apparently being put to the sword by the relentless onslaught of centralisation and the ‘civilising process’, crime-scene hangings were in fact valued and promoted right up to their quiet abandonment in 1830.

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